Another letter from the US Congress attacking Poland?


According to the Polish news website, two US congressmen David Cicilline and Ro Khanna collect signatures from Members of the US Congress, and plan to send a letter to the Acting Secretary of State John Sullivan, condemning the alleged growth of anti-Semitism in Poland. According to the allegations are based on three incidents:

  • Cancelled trip of the Kiryat Bialik’s Mayor Eli Dukorski to the Polish town of Radomsko
  • Legal suit of the Polish Antidefamation League (Reduta Dobrego Imienia) against the Argentinian news website Pagina12
  • Remark of the former Polish Secretary of State Jan Dziedziczak regarding a fake caption under a picture from the Jewish Ghetto in Łódź

If the news is true, then it would mean an interference of both congressmen in internal Polish affairs, based on fake data:

  • Mayor of Radomsko Jarosław Ferenc had never asked Kiryat Bialik’s Mayor, Eli Dukorski, to change his speech (despite the fact that Mr. Dukorski planned to use in his speech the fabricated data of 200,000 fugitive Jews apparently killed by Poles; the data were falsified by the controversial scholar from the University of Ottawa Jan Grabowski). Ferenc informally requested the Israeli side to agree on a more conciliatory nature of the Matzevah meeting that would bring together the youth from Radomsko and Kiryat Bialik. Dukorski disagreed and cancelled his trip. No anti-Semitism here!
  • Minister Dziedziczak had only demanded to remove a fake picture caption in Yad Vashem. No anti-Semitism too!
  • The Argentinian news site Pagina12 used a fake picture to portray Jews apparently killed by Poles (in fact the picture showed the Polish victims of the Communist regime). Since when is the fight against fake news (and pictures) an act of anti-Semitism?

Will both congressmen address the true problem of growing anti-Semitism in the USA too?