Appeal to All Friends of Poland: Please Call and Email the White House

There is no more time to waste

The President Donald Trump has time until May 11, 2018 to VETO Act S.447. If not vetoed, it automatically becomes law.

Keep up the calls and emails to the White House this week starting Monday May 7 through Friday May 11 –  make calls, send emails!


Tell your friends ! 

Coalition of Polish Americans

Each day call and email President Trump for the VETO – we need to reach him!

  • US citizens please follow items 1 – 4
  • Everyone – all friends of Poland in the world please follow item 4 at the end of this appeal

1) CALL   (202-456-1111) 

between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. (EDT), please deliver by telephone to the White House Comments line with displeasure the following brief message:

My name is ___________________and my address is__________________.

I am calling to ask that President Trump VETO the (un) JUST ACT OF 2017, S.447 enacted 04/24, because it is very unfair and not just to Poland, America’s loyal NATO ally.

2) EMAIL to send an email message every day – choose option “contact the President” (an example message is below and fits in the text box for your email):

President Trump, justice demands that you VETO the (un) Just Act S. 447.   The (un) Just Act S. 447 represents an unprecedented attack on Poland, the most loyal ally of the US in Europe, by sanctioning illegal and immoral restitution claims for heirless property in the amount of hundreds of billions of US dollars against Poland by organizations or individuals that are not the  heirs to the Polish citizen victims from World War II. 

Poland was  completely ruined at the end of World War II. Polish citizens were targeted for mass extermination by Germans who murdered 3 million ethnic Poles and 3 million Polish Jews, the number of Polish citizens lost is estimated at up to 1/5th of its pre-war population.  Poland experienced physical destruction like no other country in Europe with 84% of infrastructure and 62% industry destroyed . Poland suffered unquestionably, proportionally the greatest human and material losses of any country during WWII and Germany never paid Poland any reparations.  Subsequently Poland was placed under an oppressive and brutal forty years of Soviet rule, betrayed by its allies as a result of the Roosevelt-Stalin-Churchill agreement in Yalta in 1945. USA has not paid Poland reparations for this great harm inflicted upon it. 

Poland has for decades been the most pro-American country in Europe. It has been a staunch and loyal ally dutifully fulfilling its NATO obligations. At the time when U.S. relations with Russia are tenuous and deteriorating, the United States should not alienate Poland and other countries in Eastern and Central Europe.

The poorly attended House suspended the rules to vote on S. 447 , preceded by an unprecedented smear campaign against Poland in the U.S. mainstream media, a campaign that falsely portrayed Poland as a Holocaust perpetrator in order to facilitate extortion of funds from Poland, the victim of Nazi German aggression. 

Again, President Trump, justice demands that you VETO the (un) Just Act S. 447.

3)  CALL AND EMAIL your Congress Member to get him/her to ask President Trump for the VETO