Appeal to Polish Americans

We encourage everyone to organize meetings with your Representative directly by contacting their local office in order to schedule a meeting to present your concerns with H.R 1226 / S. 447.

Please take into account the following issues:

To have a chance for a personal meeting with your Representative it is necessary to schedule a meeting ahead of time so please call the local office of your Representative to make an appointment as soon as possible.
The Representative' s staff determines how urgent the issue is. While members of Congress have a responsibility to hear out the grievances of their constituents, their staff may deem the issue not important enough to schedule a face-to-face meeting with the Representative. They may suggest a meeting with someone of the staff instead. Please do take the opportunity to express your views on H.R. 1226 / S. 447 whether the meeting is with your Representative or the member of the staff.
If staff is not responsive to your inquiries for an appointment, it is their responsibility to hear out their constituents, so continue to follow-up in order to schedule a meeting. Some staff respond to email faster than phone calls so try all means of communications when attempting to secure an appointment, but be mindful that staff and the Representative have many such requests so be careful not to become overbearing.
If you do secure a meeting with the Representative, please show them the required respect when going to the meeting.

Please download, read and sign The Letter to your Representative.

Please download and read the document underlining the legal objections to Bills S.447 and H.R.1226 submitted by the Polish-American Constituency.

Also, make sure you read and take with you copies of both legislation: Act S. 447Act H.R. 1226
To get better prepared read about some useful tips how to meet your Members of Congress face-to-face.
Please notify us about your meetings and their content, so that we can record all relevant information in our database. We want to be fully informed about the progress of our campaign so that we can plan future actions and events accordingly.