Double Moral Standards By Israel

Double Moral Standards By Israel–A Nation in No Position to Pass Moral Judgment on Poland or To Demand “Restitution”

Although the project Stop Act HR 1226 doesn’t address the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, we feel that it is necessary to expose the Israeli double moral standards. The case of Elor Azaria, an Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) soldier and Ahed Tamimi, a Palestinian teenager from the occupied West Bank, is the best example of a violation of an elementary maxim of modern legal jurisprudence–that all parties should stand equal before the law.

Two years ago, on March 24, 2016, Elor Azaria shot dead Abd al-Fatah a-Sharif, a Palestinian who had carried out a knife attack and was lying wounded on the road after soldiers had shot him. Azaria took the life of a man who was no threat. However, he received a hero’s welcome, a reduced charge, and a lenient sentence. The Prime Minister of Israel called for the slayer’s pardon because Azaria and his family had been through enough. His sentence has been reduced to 9 months, even though he showed no remorse for what he did.

In contrast, Ahed Tamimi, a Palestinian activist who slapped an IDF soldier in full armor (after Israeli soldiers had shot her cousin in the face), was charged with assault and a multitude of crimes, and has just reached a plea bargain that will give her a total prison time of 8 months.

Ergo, slapping an armored Israeli soldier is about as bad as killing a defenseless Palestinian!

We must ask the question: Do the Israeli or Jewish officials, who cause so much pain and are not able to judge justly, have a moral right to judge the Polish nation, Poland’s laws? Moreover, on what basis do they invoke some kind of nebulous, self-serving “higher moral justice” with respect to the so called “heirless property”?


Double standards abound elsewhere. Are Acts S. 447 and H.R. 1226 not a slap in the face of the indigenous peoples like Kumeyaay, Cocopa, Pascua Yaqui and Apache who were expropriated, slaughtered, and now live in so called Indian reservations? Some of the Native American tribes, like Sioux, even have legal titles to vast areas of land. Thousands of the indigenous peoples were killed at the hands of their American conquerors and they lost their land, which was taken over by the USA, but the US Congress doesn’t introduce any acts to compensate THEIR losses. In Poland, Nazi German conquerors,  and not the conquered Poles, killed the Polish Jews. Yet in the present situation, two pieces of legislation have been introduced in the Congress to pave the way for bogus giveaway demands, against victim Poland, by some self-appointed US organizations like the World Jewish Congress or the World Jewish Restitution Organization.


The 2009 Terezin Declaration, which serves as a basis of S. 447 and H.R. 1226, is a legally non-binding document. It is not a result of striving for justice in an unequal world, but merely the outcome of the powerful lobbying of the claims organizations. There are hundreds of such declarations worldwide and most of them are useless pieces of paper. For instance, in regard to the Middle East peace process, the European Union has set out its policy through a series of high level public statements. The Venice Declaration of 1980 recognized the right to security and existence for all states in the region, including Israel, and the need to fulfil the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people. The Berlin Declaration of 1999 included an explicit commitment to the creation of a Palestinian state and to the recognition of a Palestinian state, when appropriate. The Seville Declaration of June 2002 introduced specific details of the final status solution, as set out above. In June 2002, the EU co-sponsored the Roadmap for Peace, a three-stage process for achieving these objectives. None of these declarations has ever been a subject of any serious considerations in the US Congress, not to mention a subject of congressional legislation.

There is more. On Sunday, March 25, 2018, the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) in its 138th session, in Geneva, Switzerland, voted to support the Palestinian people’s right to self-determination and to have a state of their own with Jerusalem as its capital. The resolution counters a statement that Donald Trump made in December in which he unilaterally bypassed all peace agreements and negotiations and declared that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel – thus denying all Palestinian claims to Jerusalem.


Are we living in the world where the law is the law, or are we now living in a world  that is effectively a might-makes-right jungle? Is the US Congress about to create a legal precedence of tribal law for a certain ethnic group but not for other ethnic groups? This is a fundamental injustice, be it in case of Ahed Tamimi, Apache or Sioux, or the Polish people who suffered so much during World War Two.  And, to top it all off, the victim Poles are expected to transfer their property to some self-appointed claims organizations.

This can only  exacerbate tensions and inevitably lead to the highest degree of social frustration, disorder and exclusion. This cannot and will not stand!

Attention: drastic video footage, it should not be watched by people under 18 years of age.

The picture of Elor Azaria and Ahed Tamimi, and some of the material on their legal case are from IMEMC, a media center developed in collaboration between Palestinian and international journalists to provide independent media coverage of Israel-Palestine.