Feedback on “Keep Katyn Memorial in Jersey City” petition

If you haven’t signed the petition “Keep Katyn Memorial in Jersey City” yet, you can do it right now!

Let’s join forces and stop the removal of the N.J. Katyn Memorial together!


We are getting a lot of support from the local community and a very positive feedback from people signing the petition. Many of them appear to be non-Polish local residents who consider Katyn Memorial as the very part of the Jersey City and a horrific reminder of the past. There seems to be no support for the arbitrary decision of Jersey’s Mayor Fulop to remove the Katyn Statue from Exchange Place.

We would like to share with you some of the comments.

I believe we should embrace the contributions of all the Immigrants who helped build this City. The removal of the Memorial is a slap in the face to the Polish community in Jersey City.
Colleen Kelleher

The installment is part of international history, it has stood 25 years and it has become a staple in the Jersey City Historic Downtown District.
Developers & Real Estate Management do not dictate the soul of Jersey City.
This is just another act against Jersey City residents to usher in more gentrification of Jersey City.
Daniel Ospino

It’s time to stop ignoring the Polish & Slavic part of the Holocaust.
Hitler built WW2 slave camps throughout Germany and occupied Europe and then concentrated the Nazi death camps in Poland. Jews were an early target for Nazi propaganda purposes, and the “final solution” was expanded to the policy of “giving Germany breathing space” aka eliminating the Polish and Slavic peoples. Hence the enormous complex of slave and murder camps built by Germans in Poland for the purpose of industrial scale murder and depopulation of Eastern Europe.
This was openly stated policy of the Third Reich and an indisputable part of the historical record.
Among those murdered in those camps:
* 3 million ethnic Poles
* 3 million Polish Jews
* 3 million additional Jews
* 6 million Soviet Slavs
* 3 million Soviet soldiers
Following WW2 it was politically convenient for the USA to ignore the suffering of the Slavic People. The USA simply turned Poland over to Russia, who proceded to execute the intellectual, military, cultural, and political elite of Poland at Katyn. Poland was then exploited by the Russians for the remainer of the century until the demise of the USSR…all the while Poland acted as staunch ally of the USA wherever possible despite being entirely forsaken. Every effort was made to prevent anyone from knowing, but such an act is not easily hidden. That this history is not more widely known is an insult to decency and an act of hatred against all humanity.
It is ABSOLUTELY UNACCEPTABLE to once again attempt to erase reference to this history. The Katyn monument in Jersey City MUST be kept!
Walter Horezga

…for those who do not learn from history are destined to repeat it….
We cannot , and SHOULD NOT, try to erase history by hiding it. Our country was born of history, both good and bad; and it should be remembered and ~taught~. It is all part of what made America what it is today.
Beth Van Schaick

The memory of the victims of state terrorism and criminal ideology must not be forgotten. It is hard to believe that representatives of the Democratic Party are trying to erase the memory of the innocent victims.
Neculai Codru

You cannot ignore the sadness of this tragic event. You can’t ignore the fact that this monument has been up since 1991. So what has changed? Why do you need to remove this monument? Could it be pandering to a new demographic? Ridiculous. 94% of people polled on want the memorial to stay where it is, even after the revamp of the area to a park. Stop hiding history. Leave the statue where it is.
Matthew Davis

This is part of rich history and culture to polish Americans. People like like me have kids of polish origin and the culture is important w/o bias. Also a lot of JC/ Hbkn residents are “offended” by whatever it just so happens to be bar/restaurants to bike shares…. it’s getting pathetic.
Cortney Noll