Late Polish President Kaczyński: “Germany bought Israel’s forgiveness”

Yuli Tamir, former Israeli Minister of Immigrant Absorption and Education, revealed in “Haaretz” the opinion of the late Polish President Lech Kaczyński  on Israeli historical politics. Both politicians met in Israel in 2008.

According to Tamir, Kaczyński told her that Israel was “rewriting history” by “deliberately blurring the difference between the horrific testimonies about Poles who murdered and massacred Jews, and the fact that the Polish people and its government never declared a war of annihilation on the Jews”.

“You send your high school students to Poland, they march in our streets, waving Israeli flags, exuding hatred and fear… and then they go to Berlin to have a good time, they sit in the cafes next to Gestapo (Nazi secret police) headquarters and feel good,” Kaczyński said.

Radio Poland, the English desk of the Polish public broadcaster Polish Radio reports on the “Haaretz” story. To learn more, please click here.