Message to the Israeli President Rivlin


In his speech, during this year’s March of the Living, the Israeli president Reuven Rivlin offensively attacked Poland, accusing her of complicity in the German-made industrial extermination of Jews. He stated among others:

  • “The Nazi ideology which flourished on Polish soil”
  • “This was a terrain that allowed the Nazis to do whatever they liked not only in Poland but throughout Europe”
  • “Polish soil enabled the execution of Hitler’s horrific ideology of genocide”
  • “It is not for nothing that we call the extermination camps the extermination camps of the Nazis and their collaborators”

Rivlin’s historically inaccurate and offensive statements triggered a wave of libelous headlines in the Israeli press, for instance:

  • “Poles helped in Nazi extermination, Rivlin tells Polish counterpart” (Times of Israel)
  • “We Cannot Deny That Poland and Poles Participated in Holocaust” (Haaretz)
  • “Many Poles helped carry out Holocaust” (Israel National News)

Rivlin, who was born in 1939 in Jerusalem, had never experienced the German tyranny in the concentration and death camps. But unlike the Israeli president, the Holocaust survivors know the camps from their own experience. Edward Mosberg, who also attended this year’s march, is one of them.

We dedicate the speech of Mr. Mosberg to the president Rivlin. Please watch the video!