Polish Jews Forum: US congressmen manipulate public opinion


The letter on anti-Semitism in Poland uses manipulation

by Paweł Jędrzejewski from Polish Jews Forum

Today’s letter by Congressman Ro Khanna from California’s 17th District, signed by dozens of US Congressmen, announced in no uncertain terms a condemnation of Poland for anti-Semitism and uses a false, manipulative argument so that recipients and readers of the letter are misled in a dishonest manner.

In the passage regarding the amendment to the Act on the Institute of National Remembrance, it reads:

“Despite Polish President Andrzej Duda’s assurances that the law would not be used to stifle free speech, a lawsuit has already been filed against an Argentinian newspaper using this law; Jan Dziedziczak, the Deputy Director of the Polish Foreign Ministry, has demanded that Israel change an exhibit in Yad Vashem in Jerusalem…”

The specific case in the passage quoted above refers to the information displayed at Yad Vashem, which states that the gate to the ghetto in city of Lodz was guarded by “Polish police.” This is obviously not true, because Lodz was incorporated into the German Reich and no “Polish police” functioned there.

Intervention in this matter and demanding from Yad Vashem a correction of this undoubted error are therefore fully justified.

On the other hand, the congressman’s letter falsely presents these actions as an example of Poland trying to suppress freedom of expression in matters concerning the Holocaust. This is a lie.

The manipulation used in the letter is therefore clearly visible to all who know the subject.

However, it cynically takes advantage of the simple, unfortunate fact that very few know what this subject is actually about.


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