Unjustified and offensive letter of Danny K. Davis to Deputy Secretary of State


The Polish news website Onet.pl reported yesterday about the newest attack of some congressmen on Poland. According to Onet, two US congressmen David Cicilline and Ro Khanna collected signatures from Members of the US Congress, and planned to send a letter to the Acting Secretary of State John Sullivan, condemning the alleged growth of anti-Semitism in Poland.

We could confirm the Onet’s report and publish here the letter of US congressman Danny K. Davis to Deputy Secretary of State John Sullivan.

The letter not only exposes a lack of knowledge of the Polish law and of the official Polish policy on racism and xenophobia, but it offensively accuses the Polish state of Holocaust distortion and denial, and of honoring of Nazi collaborators. Such unjustified and derogative statements are a slap in the face of Polish WWII victims and their families. Nobody in Poland honours Nazi collaborators and nobody denies the Holocaust. It was the Polish officials who informed the United States in 1942 about the slaughter of Jews and asked their ally for action. But the Unites States and other Allies did nothing!

We do not know, how many congressmen joined the misplaced and provocative action of  congressmen David Cicilline and Ro Khanna, but the mere fact that the idea of such a letter has been conceived at all, shows how little respect and understanding do some members of the U.S. Congress have for the history of Polish suffering during the WWII. Instead, they easily accuse our nation of complicity in the Holocaust and the Polish state of Holocaust distortion and denial. It is an action which one does not excpect from an ally. It is an action which disregards the voice of Polish Americans. We condemn it in the strongest terms!

We remind Mr. Davis that the level of anti-Semitism in the USA and Western Europe is much higher than in Poland. Lashing out at Poland as a country which honours Nazi collaborators and which does not prosecute anti-Semitic crimes is unacceptable!