Call for Action: Fight Against Fake News in the Weekly Standard (Washington, D.C.)

Sadly, many American journalists and policymakers are not aware of the extent of suffering of ethnic Poles during the Second World War. More than this, some of them twist the German perpetrators with the Polish victims in an attempt to grab the readers attention and to influence U.S. legislators.

The recent example of the historical illiteracy and ignorance, or a purposeful action, is a story published on April 3, 2018, by the Washington magazine Weekly Standard belonging to the Clarity Media Group (owner of The Washington Examiner and The Gazette). The magazine wrote:

In Poland, a new law makes it illegal to suggest publicly that “the Polish Nation” was in any way complicit in Nazi crimes: this although Polish Jews were rounded up and sent to death camps in the 1930s with the help of a sizeable number of Polish elites.

In fact, there were no “death camps” and no “concentration camps” in Poland in the 1930s, but there were many concentration camps in the German Third Reich in that time. The Germans began the systematic mass extermination of Jews in 1941, first by mobile killing squads and then by setting death camps in Auschwitz, Treblinka, Sobibór or Bełżec.

The “Polish elites” did not round up Jews but were themselves targeted for extermination by the Germans (executions in German concentration camps, Aktion A-B, the mass murder of professors from the Jagiellonian University, mass killings at sites such as Palmiry or Skwilno, extermination of the Polish clergy in the German concentration camp Dachau etc.). The Polish elites were also targeted by the Soviets, e.g. in Katyn forests.

For this reason, we scanned the book (without illustrations)  “The German New Order In Poland” to show the extent of German brutality and terror during the occupation of Poland.

We request all supporters of the project Stop Act H.R. 1226 to contact the editor of the Weekly Standard and to ask for an apology and correction. We should not allow that U.S. congressmen are exposed to such an outrageous manipulation.

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