Polish MFA answers to a parliamentary interpellation on Act S.447

Jacek Wilk, the Polish MP (Liberty Party) made in December 2017 an interpellation on the subject of Act S. 447. The interpellation was addressed to Marek Kuchcinski, the Speaker of Sejm, the lower house of the Polish parliament.

Jan Dziedziczak, MFA Secretary of State stated in the reply dated March 7, 2017 that  based on the international law, the Republic of Poland is not a party to any agreements or treaties that would require Poland to make changes to the inheritance law.

The Secretary of State referred also to the conference that took place in Terezin (Czech Republic) in the mid of 2009 addressing Holocaust Era Assets where the Polish delegation shared views on the Polish experience of the era and on its consequences.

Mr. Jan Dziedziczak pointed out that the Terezin Declaration, in the light of the international law, is a legally non-binding document and it does not oblige any of the countries participating in the Conference to fulfill its provisions. The Declaration also doesn’t provide for any sanctions in case the goals of the Declaration are not met.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs closely monitors Act  S. 447 Justice for Uncompensated Survivors Today (JUST) of 2017 as well as sister Act H.R. 1226.

The Secretary of State emphasized that the Ministry of Foreign Affair definitely disapproves any actions and initiatives (both at home and abroad), which purpose is to raise restitution claims against the Polish State or to influence the Polish legislation in such a way, that it would enable a transfer of “heirless property” or a compensation of such a property to any persons, group of people or organizations.

You can download a copy of the letter (in Polish) here.