Final Report of the U.S. Polish Claims Program

The Polish Claims Program commenced with the signing of a claims agreement on July 16, 1960 after negotiations with the People’s Republic of Poland. Under this agreement, Poland agreed to pay $40 million over the period of twenty years in full settlement of the claims of nationals of the United States for (1) the nationalization or other taking by Poland of property and of rights and interests in and with respect to property; (2) the appropriation or the loss of use and enjoyment of property under Polish laws, decrees, or other measures limiting or restricting rights and interests in and with respect to property; and (3) debts owed by enterprises which have been nationalized or taken by Poland and debts which were a charge upon property which has been nationalized, appropriated or otherwise taken by Poland.

The Commission completed its administration of the Polish Claims Program on March 31, 1966, in accordance with its representations to various committees of Congress (see attachment). The program involved a total of 10,169 claims. Of the 10,169 claims filed, awards were granted in 5,022 claims, which totaled $100,737,681.63 in the principal amount, plus interest in the amount of $51,051,825.01.

Final Report of the Polish Claims Program