Letter of Polish American organizations to the US President against Act S. 447

We publish the letter to President Donald Trump against Act S. 447 signed by numerous Polish American organizations. We appeal to the US President to veto Act S.447. Till now, the letter has been signed by 60 organizations (full list attached). We invite other Polish American organizations to join us. The action continues!

Contact: Edward Wojciech Jeśman, email: president@pacsocal.org

May 03, 2018

The President
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 90500

Dear Mr. President,

We, the Polish Americans stand united today in our absolute rejection of Act S. 447, which was passed by the U.S. Congress on April 24, 2018! Poland is unquestionably the main target of that Bill. We urge that you veto this grossly flawed, unjust bill! Here are the reasons:

  • Signing into law S. 447 would violate the terms of the 1960 Treaty between the United States and Poland. Poland has already compensated American nationals whose assets had been nationalized by the Polish Communist government and the United States has indemnified Poland from any additional claims and compensation demands. Poland has also signed similar agreements with twelve other Western European countries and Canada.
  • S.447 aims to enrich private Jewish American groups, which make absurd, unfounded claims for hundreds of billions of dollars, against Poland. Your signature under the Bill would legitimize extralegal demands of compensation and/or ”restitution of the heirless property”, a concept which carries a contradiction in terms, and which constitutes a departure from the existing law and the Western legal tradition. Heirless property always escheats to the state, and the groups attempting to make claims are not successors of the Polish citizens murdered by Germany between 1939 and 1945.
  • If signed into law, the Bill S.447 would destabilize and weaken Poland, the most important strategic ally of the USA in Europe. The universal uproar, which the passage of the Bill created in Poland, has damaging effect on the image of the U.S. in Poland. The S.447 obstructs the U.S. national security interests in Europe.
  • Act S. 447 discriminates against Polish Holocaust Survivors. It advocates on behalf of just one group, Jews, and leaves out members of other ethnic and religious groups who were also subjected to the genocidal policies carried out by Germany during WWII.
  • Poland has resorted to various means in order to return properties to their rightful owners, regardless of their ethnic background. Tens of thousands of people with legitimate title claims – regardless of their ethnic origin – have recovered their properties through the court system pursuant to the existing private property law. Over 2500 Jewish religious and communal properties in Poland have been returned or compensated for since 1997 when the community and religious organizations property law was enacted.
  • Poland was the main victim of German genocidal policies during WWII. The Bill treats Poland and her citizens as perpetrators of the Jewish Holocaust rather than another victim of World War II (“WWII”) German aggression and genocidal policies. Poland suffered the most of all countries during WWII. Poland lost 3 million ethnic Poles and 3 million Polish Jews and experienced physical destruction like no other European country. After the war, Poland was placed under the Soviet brutal oppression for over forty years as a result of 1945 Roosevelt – Churchill – Stalin agreement in Yalta.

Mr. President, justice for all of the Polish victims and their descendants, and for Poland in the reparations due to the German genocidal policies of WWII calls for your VETO of Act S. 447.


  1. Edward Wojciech Jeśman, President & National Director
    Polish American Congress of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA
    president@pacsocal.org (email) 310-291-2681 (cell)
  2. Michael Niedzinski, President & National Director
    Polish American Congress of Illinois, Chicago, IL
  3. Andrzej Prokopczuk, M.D., Ph.D., President & National Director
    Polish American Congress Northern California Division, San Francisco, CA
  4. Stanislaw Sliwowski, M.D., President & National Director
    Polish American Congress of New Jersey, NJ
  5. Jim Mazurkiewicz, Ph.D., President
    Polish American Council of Texas, La Vernia, TX
  6. Jerzy Bogdziewicz, President & National Director
    Polish American Congress of Florida, Pompano Beach, FL
  7. Walter Golebiewski, Ph.D., President & National Director
    Polish American Congress Western Florida Division, FL
  8. Wieslaw Wierzbowski, President & National Director
    Polish American Congress Eastern Massachusetts Division, Boston, MI
  9. James L. Ławicki II, President & National Director
    Polish American Congress Western New York Division, Inc., NY
  10. Ann Bankowski, President & National Director
    Polish American Congress of Michigan, MI
  11. David Rydzewski, President & National Director
    Polish American Congress Wisconsin Division, WI
  12. Michael Blicharz, President & National Director
    Polish American Congress of Eastern Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA
  13. Grzegorz Worwa, President & National Director
    Polish American Congress, Long Island Division, Long Island, NY
  14. Eugine Brzyski, Vice President & National Director
    Polish American Congress of Missouri, MO
  15. Susan Matala, vice president
    Polish American Congress New York Central Division
  16. Jan M. Malek, President
    Polish-American Foundation for Education & Economic Development, Torrance, CA
  17. Susan Gorga Matala, President
    Polish Cultural Society, Schenectady, NY
  18. Susan Gorga Matala, President
    Ladies’ Auxiliary of the Polish Community Center of Albany, NY.
  19. Pawel Krupa, President
    Polish Home Association, Seattle, WA
  20. Leszek Ladowski, President
    Polish American Chamber of Commerce of Florida and The Americas, Miami, FL
  21. Krzysztof Poraj-Kuczewski, V-ce President
    Seattle Polish Foundation, Seattle, WA
  22. Lt Col Stanley Dzierzeski US Army (Ret.), Commander,
    Polish American Veterans Post 13, Chelsea, MA
  23. Bogusław Niemczewski, President
    Mirosława Dulczewska-Miller, M.D.,Ph.D.
    Polonia for Poland, Chicago, IL
  24. Maria Szonert Binienda, President
    Libra Institute, OH
  25. Christopher Kolski, President
    Polish American Community Center of Southern California, Inc., Los Angeles, CA
  26. Karol Klonowski, Vice Commander
    Polish Legion of American Veterans, Post 191, Washington, DC.
  27. Walter Golebiewski, President
    World Research Council on Poles Abroad, FL
  28. Witold Rosowski, President
    Polish Heritage Council of America, Inc, New York, NY
  29. Stanisław Matejczuk, Chief Coordinator
    Polonia Semper Fidelis, New Mexico
  30. Andrzej Szpak, State Coordinator
    Polonia Semper Fidelis, Texas
  31. Antoni Niemczak, State Coordinator
    Polonia Semper Fidelis, New Mexico
  32. Stefan Buchholz, State Coordinator
    Polonia Semper Fidelis, Maine
  33. Leszek Pawlik, CEO
    Polonia Institute, Los Angeles, CA
  34. Darrin Potoski
    Polish Legion of American Veterans Post 55, Salem, MA
  35. Wojciech Mazur, President
    Forum Polonius, Stamford, CT
  36. Szymon Tolak, Director
    Polish Cultural Foundation, Inc., Boston, MA.
  37. Grzegorz Tyminski, President
    Association Pamiec, Trenton, NJ
  38. Zbigniew Konofalski, President
    SGSCA Seattle-Gdynia Sister City Association, Seattle, WA
  39. Walter Golebiewski, Vice President
    Coalition of Polish Americans, NJ
  40. Zbyszek Koralewski, National Director & Secretary
    Polish American Congress Long Island Div., Polish Jewish Dialog Committee, Polish Singers Alliance, Long Island, NY
  41. Krzysztof Zawitkowski, Vice President
    PAFERE, Los Angeles, CA
  42. Zygmunt Staszewski, Co-Chair & National Director
    Polish-Jewish Dialogue Committee, New York, NY
    Polish American Congress Long Island Div.
  43. Natalia Kaminski, Radio Host
    Polish Radio Hour, Los Angeles, CA
  44. Jerzy W. Rozalski, Radio Host
    Polish Varieties Radio, WNZK Detroit
  45. Stanley Dzierzeski Jr., President
    Friends of Pulaski Square, Boston, MA
  46. Henry Matala, President
    St. Michael’s Community Center, a fraternal Polish organization, Cohoes, NY
  47. Jolanta Gmurowski, President
    Szkola Polska Mickiewicza. Rochester Hills, MI
  48. Anna M. Bernas, President
    Club of Gazeta Polska, Boston, MA
  49. Malgorzata Koltunik, President
    Polish Cultural Society of Indiana, Indianapolis, IN
  50. Tadeusz Kulawiak, Trustee
    Polish American Citizen Club, Albany, NY.
  51. Christine Grabowski-Witmyer, Editor
    The Post Eagle, NJ
  52. Adam Gromek, President
    Polonian Cultural & Pastoral Center, Sacramento, CA
  53. Bogdan Komarniczak, President
    Polish American Club, Roseville, CA
  54. Alek Balos
    ArtRoster Art Atelier, Mount Shasta, CA
  55. Jan Kozak, Director
    John Paul II Polish Language School, Boston, MA
  56. Miroslaw Klimczak
    Polish Catholic Mission, Margate, NJ
  57. Miroslaw Gorny, Chairmen of the Board
    Polonia United, San Diego, CA
  58. Ewa O’Neal, President
    Polish University Club of Los Angeles
  59. M. Gorny, President
    Polish American Social Club of North San Diego County
  60. Andrzej Gabrysiak, Treasurer
    Polish National Alliance, Lodge 3089, Fresno, CA
  61. Lt Col William H. Szych, USAF Retired, Creator and Administrator of Facebook group, “The Way Back-Unknown Stories of WWII Poland” and former conservative candidate for US Congress.