Anti-Polish US Jewish foundation needs a history lesson!

The Ruderman Family Foundation has launched an obscure campaign harassing Poland: “In the name of 6 million Jews, The United States must suspend relations with Poland now!” ( Some Jews show again their inability to understand Polish history and a lack of sensitivity to the tragedy of our people.

We condemn in the strongest terms this sick, racist and outrageous action and call on all Poles to join us in our effort to stop this hate crime of the Ruderman Family Foundation. Please give the Rudermans a history lesson!

Please get in touch with the Ruderman Family Foundation and tell them: “you are already in a jail, the jail of your stupidity and hatred!”.

Contact: [email protected][email protected]

UPDATE I: In the meantime also the Jewish leaders in Poland condemned the scandalous campaign of the Ruderman Family Foundation. Lesław Piszewski, Anna Chipczynska and rabbi Michael Schudrich asked YouTube and Facebook to remove the hateful video from the Web. They issued also the following statement:

The Union of Jewish Communities in Poland and Warsaw Jewish Community strongly condemn the film released by the Ruderman Family Foundation. We will never support the term „Polish Holocaust” used in this film. It is false and extremely offensive. 

UPDATE II: After numerous protests of both Poles and Jews the initial video has been removed. It reappeared, however, elsewhere: